SANSER is a sound and successful enterprise combining the “Made in Italy” knowledge and a highly precursory technical expertise since 1975, thanks to an accurate operational strategy. This mission allows putting together handcrafted techniques and manufacturing to industrial processes over the years, bond together by continuous technological investments and an entrepreneurial management.



Quality and professionalism: these are our values. A business identity which is rooted in a deep passion and knowledge about “haute couture” together with a multi-year experience and a tailoring tradition, not forgetting innovations and industrial manufacturing technologies that have been designed to optimize and improve quality.

Sanser point of view is focused on the product intrinsic value, combining high fashion contents and excellence with the research and competitiveness of the industry, allowing the company to start several partnership with well-known brands all around the world of luxury.



Innovation represents the most effective resource in order to develop the facilities and the work productive instruments, with a view to a continuous and stable business growth. Investments constantly update the technological standards allowing a continuous research of innovative productions.

Our consolidated industrial culture aspires to enhance the productivity and competitiveness by using advanced tailoring equipment and software following each step of the production cycle and CAD systems for design and modelling.



Our team is made up of skilled and expert workers who carry out their tasks with professionalism and flexibility under a continued and careful monitoring in order to guarantee the standards of each stage of the production cycle, from the starting planning to the final quality control.

Thanks to an administrative and management efficiency, coupled with a technical professionalism, Sanser is able to offer a wide range of services and quickly meet its Customers’ requirements in the best possible way.

Our operating philosophy allows us to work in close cooperation with our Customers developing the products in every single perspective, offering the best solutions combined with efficient technical and management methods.